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Ericka Beatriz Peña Ayala

Ericka Beatriz Peña Ayala

An attorney graduated from the prestigious Mexican law school, Escuela Libre de Derecho, Ms. Peña Ayala has over 15 years of experience in contracts, national and international litigation and arbitration in civil aviation, insurance, reinsurance, civil matters, commercial matters, intellectual property and taxes. In addition to her work as an independent lawyer, her professional experience also includes positions as Deputy Fiscal Attorney General, specifically on Fiscal Affairs and Administrative Procedures, in the State Government of Veracruz, and in the Legal Office of the international company, Hildebrando S.A. de C.V. She was also responsible for Contract Management at Aeromexico and Satélites Mexicanos, which both have a transnational reach, and formed part of the team of associated lawyers in the law office, García Pimentel y Asociados, S.C., a firm specializing in insurance and national and international commercial arbitration. She began her career in the area of ​​civil and commercial litigation at the firm Goodrich Riquelme y Asociados, S.C.

As Deputy Attorney General for Fiscal Affairs and Administrative Procedures, she participated in the implementation and innovation of public policies on State fiscal matters, which improve the experience of taxpayers with state tax authorities, in order to advance the development of the Internal Revenue Service of Veracruz state and boost state participation in the national Internal Revenue Service and vice versa.

Ms. Peña Ayala has extensive experience as a corporate lawyer and specifically in drafting contracts and being responsible for the negotiations of the clauses therein, both for Mexican companies and corporations abroad.

She has a long trajectory as a litigating attorney in civil matters (product liability, moral damages, etc.), commercial matters (insurance, reinsurance, etc.) and administrative matters (collection of bonds, intellectual property, tax), in advocacy for the public treasury and on behalf of the rights of insurers, reinsurers and their policyholders, in lawsuits heard before the state judiciary and in commercial arbitrations, whether such dispute settlement procedures took place in Mexico or abroad, stemming from the collection made by the State to taxpayers for any neglect in their tax payments or from payments claimed by insurance or reinsurance companies, when an incident covered by an insurance policy causes damages.

In addition ​​to Spanish, she also speaks German, English and French.

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