legal and tax advice

for the real estate sector.

Real Estate

We provide advice and design legal and tax strategies to members of the real estate sector (lessors, tenants, sellers, buyers, investors, developers), through the following services:

  • Preparation, negotiation and review of contracts;
  • Construction of corporate-business schemes;
  • Administrative, civil and commercial litigation;
  • Consultancy to the different models of property regime like ejido, condominium property regime, individual property; and
  • We offer professorships to those involved in the development of the real estate activity, through the teaching of various real estate courses and obtaining real estate legal documents that you can find in this link.

If you are a real estate agent or would like to join the world of real estate brokerage as a certified professional, we offer courses and real estate legal documents that can support you to carry out your activity with the least risk for you as an advisor and offering the highest security and legal certainty to your clients, which will allow you to stand out in the market and increase your commissions, by clicking here.

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