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to legal problems in civil aviation.

Civil Aviation

The Civil Aviation Law and the Regulations of the Civil Aviation Law, among other national and international legislation, are responsible for regulating the use or exploitation of airspace located over Mexico, carried out through the provision and development of all services related to civil and State aviation, so that domestic and foreign aircraft may land and take off in all Mexican airports, making it possible to shorten the distance to those places or people with whom we conduct various activities.

Our firm has lawyers in Mexico specialized in the commercial civil aviation industry hwho can provide appropriate solutions to any legal problems that arise for a person or company carrying out one of the many commercial activities related to the civil aviation market, whether the services or products are provided on land or during air transportation.

In this regard, we offer legal advice to help them to comply with the requirements of civil aviation law, both for domestic and foreign airlines that land in and take off from Mexican airports, as well as all for suppliers of products and services that enable this activity, and others included at airports.

We provide legal assistance in drafting, reviewing and negotiating legal documents or commercial contracts, as stipulated in the applicable legislation that regulates civil aviation in Mexico.

We help people and businesses to carry out documentation and administrative procedures before the competent civil aviation authorities and to negotiate, develop or modify commercial contracts signed with entities with whom they interact or represent them in a lawsuit. This facilitates and simplifies legal solutions and the implementation of the different required legal documents, so that you can focus on developing your business.

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